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Thomas Massie

When the economy is booming, we're not thinking about recession readiness. However, on average, we have had a recession every 10 years and unfortunately the COVID-19 virus is not only spreading rapidly throughout the Globe, it's also paralyzing manufacturing supply chains, the airline industry, the cruise industry, the hotel industry, restaurant industry, retail industry, and broad areas in consumer spending.

The sales landscape is constantly changing. New technology, new platforms, new corporate structures and fluctuating economies can make sales environments challenging. Recognizing these changes, sales strategies and tactics will evolve, but if you are a sales professional, rest assured, there are 7 things that will NEVER change in sales.


As we bring in the New Year, I want to remind you of the two common traits of super-achievers:

It's hard to believe there are only a few months left in the year; time flies when you're having fun, eh! How has your year been so far? Maybe it's been a little disappointing and you're looking to improve your numbers while you still have time. Or maybe you are having a great year and you want to ensure your momentum continues well into 2020. Whatever your situation, here are 10 tried-and-true strategies for finishing 2019 strongly and positioning yourself for a very productive 2020.

Bill, a veteran salesperson with a deep hesitation about approaching prospects online, had been trying to gain traction for months at a company called Acme Logistics. A competitor had won all of Acme’s business, but Bill felt certain that if he could secure a meeting with the company’s CEO, Mary Moore, he could make a powerful case for winning Acme as a client.

When you look at some of the NFL’s greatest Head Coaches; Vince Lombardi, Chuck Knoll, and Bill Belichick, they all share a common trait - they established a culture of accountability in the organization they lead.

It's difficult to argue that sales is the lifeblood to any organization. How well and how often your business makes a sale, ultimately determines its success. The proper management of the sales team and the sales process is critical.

The popular DISC behavioral model is an important tool that can help you develop a deeper understanding of individual prospects and buyers. DISC outlines four clear sets of behavioral characteristics that describe, with remarkable accuracy, just how human beings process information and emotion … and how they prefer to interact with others.

Here’s the truth: there’s no one single secret to success, and there’s no set path that guarantees success over failure. However, there are key traits that successful people have in common that without a doubt contribute to their ability to succeed when others seem to flounder. 

As a sales professional, sales leader or business owner, you need to understand what will determine your success and how to develop relationships so that your customers and prospects will invest their time and money with you.